Jabstick – Complete automatic tranquilising and medication system

CATS is an automatically discharging jabstick which injects 1 – 10 ml in one second or less on contact. It features an easily cocked trigger device that releases the injection on contact with the animal for safe, humane administration of vaccines or pharmaceuticals. The safety lock ensures safety for personnel.

The CATS jabstick is 1 metre in length with a removable extension handle which increases the effective working distance to 2 metres. It utilises nylon multi-use luerlock syringes and all parts are manufactured out of weather resistant stainless steel, which is easily dissembled and cleaned.

The DAN-INJECT CATS jabstick is especially useful in confined situations and underwater where absolute restraint is impossible. Also for use on cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, and in zoo applications.

Technical specifications
Length: Variable 1-2 meters
Weight: 1.0kg inc. extension handle
Capacity: 1 – 10ml nylon multi-use syringe
Application: Medication within 2 meters