Co2 Injection Rifle Model JM SP 25

DAN-INJECT has produced an easily convertible version of the JM STANDARD injection rifle to allow for rapidly changing individual requirements. With a total overall length of only 65cm, the DAN-INJECT model JM SPECIAL provides outstanding accuracy when darting from helicopters or vehicles over ranges of 15-20 metres. In addition the short overall length is an advantage when manoeuvering within confined areas. By installing the quickly detatchable 11mm rifled extension barrel accuracy for longer range, darting is quickly restored, making this a truly multi-purpose injection rifle. Other features are the same as for the DAN-INJECT JM STANDARD rifle.

The DAN-INJECT JM Special is available in two versions. For additional details refer to the technical specifications.

Technical Specifications
Overall length 1: 65cm
Overall length 2: 125cm with rifled extension barrel
Weight: 3kg incl. telescopic sight
Barrel: 11mm rifled
Barrel detachable: 11mm rifled
Range (Effective): 1) 1 – 20 meters 2) 1 – 75 metres
Range (Maximum): 150 metres with 1.5ml capacity dart
Pressure Adjustment: Silent (+/-) to 25 bar
Co2 source: 16gm, 45gm, 72gm cartridge
Safety: Manual trigger block
Telescopic sight: Swift Premier 1.5 – 4.5x32mm